Martis Three-Seat Sofa (Doubles as Bed)

Martis Three-Seat Sofa (Doubles as Bed)

SIMPLE AND TIMELESS Designed with easy-to-clean fabrics, Oasis seating set creates a much more calming space when integrated with the wooden decoration elements.

PERFECT BALANCE Your comfort doubles thanks to Oasis's exclusive mechanism

The most elegant form of the comfort; Oasis. Thanks to its wide seating, simple form and modern outlook, Oasis will become a symbol of the comfort at homes.

Quilt detail adds color to the simplicity of the product. Walnut and beige leg options are available.

Back section of 2- and 3-Seat Sofa offers relax seating comfort by reclining individually. This function also offers a bed alternative.


Product Dimensions

Martis Three-Seat Sofa (Doubles as Bed)

Product Features

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