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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

The aim of staff selection and placement is to find and place the most suitable candidates on the basis of position specific competencies in accordance with the corporate culture and objectives of the open positions.

All applications made to our company are recorded in the candidate database. For the vacant positions in line with the annual workforce planning, a research is done from this database and a pool is created from the candidates meeting the required qualifications and the recruitment process is started.

Common features we look for in candidates are; Self-confidence, willingness and determination, ambition, open to education, strong communication skills, creativity, analytical thinking, adaptable to teamwork and adaptable to change.

White and blue collars are employed at Kelebek. Minimum requirements for blue collars are high school diploma or qualification certificates such as mastery and journeyman; minimum requirements for white collars are vocational high school or undergraduate degree.

Applications to Kelebek should be like as follows;

1.    www.kariyer.net and  www.secretcv.com (You can apply to our job advertisements via these sites)
2.    cv@dogtaskelebek.com(You can send your CV to this e-mail. CVs without a photo will be disregarded.) 
3.    Via job application form (You can fill the job application form at our headquarters or at Duzce factory.)