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Since 1935  

Kelebek Mobilya, Turkey's first panel furniture and kitchen producer, is one of the most rooted industrial establishments in the Republican history. Kelebek Mobilya started its operations in Istanbul Golden Horn in 1935 to produce plywood for the wings of the first domestic aircraft. Celebrating its 82th anniversary this year, Kelebek Mobilya is a giant industry that produces furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, sofa sets and special wooden equipment with a high technology and superior quality approach with a total area of 186 thousand square meters including 40 thousand square meters indoor area in Duzce. Using German and Italian technology and various coating techniques, Kelebek Mobilya is doing production with the most advanced integrated production lines.

Kelebek, Turkey's leading furniture manufacturer, has an original and very wide range of products with innovative designs and furniture forms. Providing customers wide range of movement ability in living spaces with panel furniture systems, Kelebek meets all the needs with its stylish, convenient, quality and unique collections which can be combined to unlimited alternatives thanks to its wide product range.

Kelebek Mobilya, which domestically offers products to more than 150 furniture and kitchen stores, is also among the distinguished brands in the international market with its standard and special collections exported to approximately 15 countries. Kelebek Mobilya is among the most reliable and leading companies in Turkey with its projected and collective projects that it has successfully accomplished as well as its prestigious products.



Kelebek Mobilya, one of the oldest industrial establishments in Republican history, was founded in 1935 to produce plywood for aircraft wings. Until 1986, Kelebek produced plywood with its own brand in Istanbul Golden Horn. In 1978, Kelebek opened a modular furniture factory in Düzce, one of the most modern and large facilities in Europe, in technical cooperation with the best project groups in the world. It was offered to the public on the ISE in 1990; and now is a publicly held joint stock company.

Celebrating its 82th anniversary this year, Kelebek Mobilya is continuing to produce furniture, kitchen, bathroom, sofa sets and special wooden equipment by using the latest technology in an area of 186.000 m² and a indoor area of 40.000 m².

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1935 - Started production of plywood in Golden Horn for the wing of the first domestic aircraft. 1978 - Started production of panel furniture with Duzce factory. 1979 - The first sales point for the end user was opened. 1983 - Reached 100 sales points in Turkey. It was the most popular furniture brand at the time. 1985 - Opened the first kitchen store. 1990 - Entered the stock market and offered to the public. 1991 - The first international store opened in Dortmund, Germany. 2002 - Qualified for ISO 9001 certification. 2012 – Purchased by Dogtas Mobilya A.S. 2013 - received the IMOB Design Award and the Most Popular Brand Award* in the Sector. 2014 - ISMOB Design Award and the Fastest Growing Brand in the Sector. 2014 - The 120th Store opened in Adiyaman. * Ipsos and MediCat Turkey's most popular brands 2013 research

Brand of the Firsts: Kelebek

Lamination System:
In 1983, it brought "lamination" technology, an innovative system for the furniture sector, to Turkey.

Mass Production:
In 1984, for the first time in Turkey, it started to use the massive and plywood line. In this sense, it became the only brand in Turkey that can use world’s furniture techniques in combination with each other.

First Branding:
In 1983, it conducted the first branding campaign in the world for the furniture sector.